Bean Bag Sled, Take on the Hill Comfortably


Bean Bag SledgeThe winter brings us extreme cold, short days and long nights. It also brings us the added bonus of having to spend an hour scraping ice off our cars in the morning before we can make our way to work over slippery, ice covered roads.

Its not all bad though, because winter can bring snow too, add a sled to this and you’ve got yourself a fun day out. Add a bean bag sled to snow and you’ve got the best day out of your life!

We all know that a bean bag chair isn’t the most attractive piece of furniture, or the easiest chair to get out of, but it is one of the most comfortable. Sleds on the other hand are not.

With the bean bag sled you get thousands of 2mm polystyrene balls that will fit themselves around your shape whilst they sit in their water resistant, PVC coated and double stitched polyester sled home. It weighs in at just under a stone, but can handle the weight of anyone up to 15 and a half stone.

So the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve packed a lot of food into your belly over the festive season. It’s easy to manoeuvre too. You simply hold onto the attached support straps and lean in the direction you want to go.

You can buy the Bean Bag sled now; it costs $299.95 (£185). It’s not cheap, but if you’re really good this year, Father Christmas might pop one into your (very large) stocking!

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