Android Speaker Dock, Philips Fidelio AS851


Philips Fidelio AS851Let’s face it, Apple has won the personal music player war – but, the evolution of our on-the-go music devices hasn’t ended with the iPod. More and more people are now investing in phones that can do the same job, and Apple hasn’t fully cornered that area of the market just yet.

Maybe someone should let docking station manufacturers know about this though. For those who like to share their music, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different stations on the market, but the majority only support iPods and iPhones. Step forward, the Phillips Fidelio AS851.

The AS581 can connect to any Android phone on the market. Your phone connects to the speaker via a fabulous spinning, rotating and sliding micro-USB adapter.

There are also two moveable feet to make sure your phone can fit snugly into the dock. However, listening to your music for the first time isn’t a simple plug in and play affair. You need to pair your phone to the dock’s speakers via Bluetooth.

For everything to work perfectly, and to eliminate having to pair your speakers every time you want to listen to music, you do need to download an app onto your Android phone.

This app also provides you with internet radio, so you should never be stuck for something to listen to. As thoughtful as ever, Phillips even provide you with a handy little remote, which allows you to control all of the basic music functions of your phone.

The Philips Fidelio is available now, for £200.Philips Fidelio AS851 Side View

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