Waterproof MP3 Player, SwiMP3 2G by Finis


SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 PlayerYou’re relaxing in a heated pool, a refreshing drink in one hand and an interesting book in another. All that you now want is a way to listen to your favourite music.

You can place your iPod (or other portable music device) on the edge of the pool and connect it to portable speakers. But that won’t work if there are others around in the pool as well.

Or maybe you just want to listen to music while swimming. Either way, the SwiMP3 2G waterproof portable music player is something you might want to consider.

It probably provides the best underwater sound without ear-buds. If there are no ear-buds, how do you hear the music? Ah, that’s the revolutionary “Bone Conduction” at work. Simply clip the SwiMP3 2G on to your swimming goggles and you’re in business.

This little gadget can store up to 500 songs, or 30 hours of music. And yes, the “2G” refers to its 2GB internal storage. Simply connect the device to your computer and copy all your music.

It supports both WMA and MP3 formats. In addition, you can also convert songs from the iTunes format. On a full charge, the battery can reportedly last for up to eight hours.

To care for your SwiMP3 2G, remember to wash it in clean water after every use. In fact, even the USB plug needs to be rinsed off. The Finis SwiMP3 2G is priced at about $160 and is available for purchase from the Finis web site.SwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player DetailsSwiMP3 2G Waterproof MP3 Player in the Water

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