iShred iPad Snowboard, a Tribute to Steve Jobs


The iShred Snowboard, on a Fun BoxThe iShred: iPad SnowboardSignal Snowboards from California specialises in making snowboards. They also run a programme called “Every Third Thursday” (“ETT”).

The idea is to get people to write in their ideas and for the design and engineering team at Signal to select something cool and different and then try to build it.

Videos of what they create are posted on the company’s blog site. Of course, you may also follow them on Twitter or Facebook and view the videos on YouTube.

In the past, for example, they’ve created a snowboard with a paintball gun, one that doubles as an electric guitar, one that’s based on Lego, one that has a boom box inside and many others.

Last Thursday, Signal decided to create a snowboard that allows an iPad 2 to be placed inside. Why the iPad 2? It’s the Signal team’s way of celebrating Steve Jobs.

The iShred, as it is called, is inspired by the Mac in that it has an aluminium body with a light-up cut-out logo of Signal Snowboards.

As you might expect, the aluminium body makes this snowboard heavy, although the extra weight gives it additional stability as you zip down the slope. Don’t expect to negotiate turns as easily as you can with a regular snowboard made of wood.

It’s unlikely that you will get to use your iPad 2 while you’re snowboarding. But as soon as you’re done, just slide the iPad 2 out from inside the snowboard, tweet about your experience, stash it inside again and get ready for another downhill ride.The iShred Snowboard, on the LiftThe iShred Snowboard, First Run

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