Street And Snow Scooter


Street And Snow Scooter SnowThis is hybrid technology at its best and extremely well suited to countries (like the United Kingdom for instance!) that experience a whole multitude of different weather systems from sunny weather, snow, rain, hail and snow again!

Here to solve the problem of what scooter to ride on which day of the season is this clever and rather tasty looking number from Hammacher Schlemmer which will instantly give savvy riders the option to use either wheeled or ski replacement options – neat huh?!

Priced at just under $100, the Street And Snow Scooter has a hard wearing set of skating designed wheels which are made of polyurethane material.

These can be swiftly replaced, using one handy hex/wrench key, with the interchangeable HDPE ski runners in time for falls of the slippy white stuff. Gracefully glide over the slopes with the scooter whilst others simply get stuck in the snow and ice, rendering their journeys so much less fun than yours!

For wheeled use in normal climates the need for speed can be conservatively slowed when required as the kit comes complete with a back wheel braking system that can be applied to slow the gadget.

For snow skiing, a rear ski brake can be applied to stop where required, meaning you’re not going to slither ungracefully onto bottom areas when attempting to stop using other means!

The scooter also has an adjustable handlebar section and feet are sure to stay in place with its integrated grip inducing foot plate. Steady as you go then, whoahhhh!Street And Snow Scooter Snow - Ready for the Street Street And Snow Scooter Snow - Wheels

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