Nikon D800 36MP DSLR Pictures and Specs Leaked


Nikon D800 36MP DSLR FrontWell, the recent word on the street was that the big guns over at Nikon could be launching a brand new top spec DSLR gadget into the extremely keen photography market. This newest product, the Nikon D800 36MP DSLR has now, all of a sudden, become a distinct reality and comes marching into full view.

Early glances at the hot off the conveyer belt D800 seems that this newest piece of kit is remarkably close in looks to Nikon’s D700 camera which is set to be knocked off the scene by this new and improved bit of technology.

Storming in with a rumoured set of specs, the Nikon D800 is likely to cause a stir with its massive viewfinder ability which is 100% in size, comfortable screen viewing of three inch dimensions, a remarkable set of 51 facial recognition settings, rapid USB 3.0 and double trouble in the guise of not one, but two memory card points.

Enough to make any seasoned photographer positively drool around the mouth is the likelihood that the D800 will actually be constructed as a 36MP camera which has full-frame capacity, giving it a 50-25600 ISO band and resolution that is 7360×4912.

Also making a welcome appearance, if gossip around the gizmo is to be believed, is a video capability of 1080p or 720p, available at a fantastic number of fps settings chosen by future D800 owners.

Whilst this could be conjecture still, it really is hoped that Nikon can deliver on this tasty looking specification, otherwise there’s going to be a lot of disappointed Nikon fans around – that you can be sure of.

If you own a Nikon D700 though, don’t just yet go hurling your prize possession into the nearest bin, hang fire for now until we’re sure you’re really going to be able to trade it in for the new D800! Be sure to tune back in around the end of this month for a yay or a nay on this one!Nikon D800 36MP DSLR Back

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