FitDesk Combines Work with Exercise


FitDeskWorkaholics look away now, this isn’t going to help your cause! There now could be hope for those who are desperate to work and exercise simultaneously, as a fit thinking team over at Revo Innovations have created rather a pioneering way in combining needed office work and cardio exercise.

It probably comes as no surprise that the average working week for many tops the 40 hour mark over a typical 5 day durge at the office. This is where Revo comes in to help the typical operating workaholic out of a hole with their ‘FitDesk’, solving the problem of needed weekly exercise without compromising the dreaded work deadlines.

You could be forgiven for thinking this gadget looks remarkably similar to a standard exercise bike with a table piece lobbed over the handlebars, and at first glance this seems to be the sole set up of the technology here. But rest assured the forward thinking folks from Revo claim to have found a niche in the market with the FitDesk.

It has a work area in place of typical handlebars and the contraption can be folded, instantly providing a gym anywhere its set up. The work area has been designed to give a soft section where laptops can be placed enabling the puffing and sweating worker to continue to be productive as they type and check their e-mails; the hefty 33 pound weight of this machine will make sure it stays firmly in place.

The gadget has been kitted out with a belt running feature that allows it to be low in noise emissions when in use, so the office partitions won’t vibrate with too much equipment noise, even if your groans are pretty audible.

You would most likely earn some strange looks in the office with this one, so perhaps the FitDesk might be more suited to home office use only, but if you do manage to pedal whilst producing productivity, be sure to take a change of clothes with you!

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