Motorized Wheelrider All Terrain Bike


Motorized WheelriderIt doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s batman films, or the new Christopher Nolan reboots (or even if you’re liked Joel Schumacher’s nipple baring Batsuit) you have to agree that the BatCycle is really cool, maybe even incredibly cool!

There’s only one thing cooler than seeing Batman in action with it on screen, and that’s having a go on one yourself. OK, so the Hammacher 20MPH Motorized Wheelrider isn’t exactly the BatCycle, but it does look really similar and let’s face it, it’s the closet you’ll ever get to riding one.

It’s really easy to control, you simply steer the bike by using a side to side motion on the front wheel with your foot, whilst keeping your other foot firmly on the back wheel.

The bike has a two-stroke 2-horsepower engine, and a pair of 14-inch tires that can go across grass, sand, concrete and mud. Even starting it up is cool, you pull a cord just like you would on a petrol lawnmower.

A full quarter gallon tank of petrol will take you up to 20 miles, which may not be that far, but with this vehicle, it isn’t about getting from A to B – it’s about looking awesome whilst you try to!

The 20MPH Motorized Wheelrider is available now and retails at $499 (£315). This looks to be a good value bike when compared to the Motocrossboard which we looked at a couple of months back.

If you’re thinking of giving this as a Christmas present, I’d just wrap a bow around it. You’ll need a hell of a lot of wrapping paper to cover this 200lbs of beast up!

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