Camping in the Trees


Extreme camping in the treesIf you want to make something sound more exciting, all you have to do is add the word ‘extreme’ in front of it – ‘extreme Frisbee’ comes to mind as an example.

If you’ve enjoyed camping in the past, but find that it no longer packs the same exciting punch that it used to, consider spending a night positioned amongst cliff faces, 2000 metres in the air – that’s right – Extreme Camping!

If you make your way to Pfronten, in Bavaria, Germany, you’ll find the Waldseilgarten adventure mountain resort. It promises guests with a thrilling night of wilderness adventure, in their choice of any of the crazy campsites available.

You can spend the night in the tree tops, find yourself suspended over a cliff, or even stay in your own hand crafted igloo. Trained staff provide you with everything you need (including rope climbing training) and if you don’t fancy being 2000 metres up in the air, there are some lower ground alternatives available too.

One night in a treetop portaledge will cost you just over £200, whilst a tree platform position will set you back just over £100. These aren’t cheap prices, but they are a lot more reasonable than the £750 price tag attached to a night on a cliff face ledge.

If you like the sound of this, but don’t fancy the splashing the cash, don’t even consider sticking an old tent up in that creaky tree at the bottom of your garden – you’re bound to end up in a crumpled mess on your undoubtedly soggy lawn.Extreme Camping in the TreesExtreme Camping in the Trees

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