North Face Avalanche Airbag Safety System


North Face Avalanche Airbag Safety SystemIf you’re one of those out-doorsy types who gets their kicks from climbing up mountains and skiing across vast expanses of snow covered land, you’ll probably love this new product from North Face.

Their brand new Avalanche Airbag Safety System is hoping to eradicate the problem of getting stuck under a ton of snow after an avalanche strikes.

They’ve combined an ABS with one of their backpacks to create an Avalanche Airbag Safety System (soon to be referred to as AABS) in the form of the ABS Patrol 24 Pack and the ABS Vest, both of which are worn over your own clothes.

They’ve been working with Xavier de Le Rue, an experienced pro snowboarder, who himself was struck by an avalanche four years ago, to create the best product for the job.

Made from new fabrics, which have names a superhero would be proud of, Thermoball and Flashdry, the idea is for the ABS garment to inflate when its wearer finds themselves pinned down by a heavy burst of snow.

When fully inflated, 150 extra litres of body volume will be created, which with a little bit of help from the extreme density, should push the person to the surface of the snow.

Instead of using the same CO2 canisters that you’d find powering your car’s ABS, these garments use nitrogen canisters. For it to work, you simply connect your nitrogen canister to the ABS vest, and pull the attached lever to inflate.

The ABS gear is expected for release in late 2012, with an RRP of £600.North Face Avalanche Airbag Safety SystemNorth Face Avalanche Airbag Safety System

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