Philips ESee Pocket Camcorder, Waterproof and Rugged

| November 19, 2011 | Comments

With smart phones becoming increasingly more – well – smart, we’re losing our need for multiple gadgets.  More and more of us are reaching out to our phones to do everything for us.

They can get us online, take high-res photos, record HD video and play all of our music with the greatest of ease – oh and they can make calls too.

So if you’ve invested in one of these, you probably wouldn’t bother spending your money on a pocket camcorder too. Apparently Phillips haven’t realised that.

Instead of following in market leader Cisco Systems direction, by suspending production on their ridiculously popular Flip camcorder, Phillips have instead gone full steam ahead with a new one of their own. The ESee pocket video camera shoots in full 1080p HD, and can also record a lower 240p version at the same time.

Although I don’t see the point of this myself, Phillips thinks it’s a great feature for those who like a high quality hard copy, but also want to email the same video quickly to their friends.

The camera comes with Windows editing software that has the ability to upload videos straight to Youtube and other social media sites.

The camera comes with a rather pathetic 128MB of onboard storage, but this can be upgraded to 32GB, by popping a card into its Micro Sd card slot.

If you prefer your gadgets separate and this one has caught your eye, you can buy the Phillips ESee Pocket Camcorder now. It’s available priced $237 (£149.99).

Source: Philips