Packard Bell PB oneTwo All-in-One PC


Packard Bell PB oneTwo All-in-One PCThe Packard Bell oneTwo M and the Packard Bell oneTwo L, are the new recently  revamped and reduced versions of the wildly successful PB oneTwo all in one desktop computer.

Both models utilise a touchscreen display, have Intel Core i processors, and HD webcams. You can also add a Blu-ray player to the mix, if you want to use it to play your HD movies.

The specification is surprisingly decent for an all in one PC. You can choose between an i3, i5 or i7 processor, settle for Intel HD 2000 or 300 and pick NVIDIA GeForce GT530 or GT520.

The storage options are somewhat epic too, you can pack on up to 2TB of onboard storage. You can also feel the power with up to 8GB of RAM. All of these options all come with a full HD display, a nice bit of 5.1 surround sound. You’ll get three USB 3.0 slots and four USB 2.0 slots too, so if you need to connect a lot of stuff you’re sorted!

Before you buy you can also choose to add a DVBT TV tuner, this would pretty much turn your all in one PC into an all in one entertainment station.

The computers come with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium as standard, and you also get Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, as an added free bonus.

Both versions of the new Packard Bell oneTwo will be available across Europe at the end of this month, they are expected to retail for $950 (£699).Packard Bell PB oneTwo All-in-One PC ScreenPackard Bell PB oneTwo All-in-One PC Side ViewPackard Bell PB oneTwo All-in-One PC DVD

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