Motorola Atrix 2


Motorola Atrix 2The Motorola Atrix 4G wowed everyone at this year’s CES, and it’s not hard to see why. This little beauty can provide a portable PC experience like no other!

The Motorola Atrix 2 has, thank goodness, addressed most of the annoying problems of the first Atrix and removed them completely. This is the kind of luxury handset you’d expect from Motorola and goes a long way to forgive the missteps of the last model.

There’s a bigger, more attractive display, and a nicely upgraded camera. It may not support the incredible new Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but its Gingerbread 2.3 isn’t a bad OS compromise.

This model also has the same sort of laptop dock accessory that came with the first, but this time it’s compatible with all Motorola devices, as well as looking much sleeker and feeling a lot lighter. Sadly though, it isn’t all good news, the much needed processor speed boost hasn’t arrived – perhaps Motorola are saving this improvement for the Atrix 3.

Although it carries the same slab design and rounded corners of its predecessor, the new Atrix 2 also carries an attractive steely grey bezelled front and some nice rubber texturing on the back of the phone.

It may not be cheapest smartphone on the market at $420 (£316), but it is quite a bit cheaper than its predecessor as well as a vast improvement on that incarnation, thanks to its full features and fixes.

If you’re sick of Apple or Blackberry, this little gadget could be the perfect smartphone for you.Motorola Atrix 2 Side ViewMotorola Atrix 2 Side ViewMotorola Atrix 2 Side View

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