Light Therapy Treatment for SAD Depression, Valkee Headset


Valkee HeadsetDo you ever feel down in the dumps for no reason at all? It can be completely normal to feel depressed throughout the year, especially during the winter months. Seasonal Affective Disorder affects a large percentage of the population, but that could all be about to change.

The Valkee headset was designed by the scientists at the University of Oulo, one of the largest Universities in Finland, and is the world’s first bright light headset and is also a bonified CE-marked Class II medical device.

According to Valkee’s scientific research, it isn’t just our visual system that responds to light, the brain also responds to light through the ear canal.

The device can apparently reduce or complete cure your SAD related depression, by channelling bright light directly to your brain via your ear canal. The device can also be used to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag with a couple of 8-12 minute doses.

It might sound a little far-fetched, that a beam of light from your earphones could cheer you up, but the trial results have so far been amazing. 92% of the patients who have trialled the device have gone into full remission from SAD, after taking a daily ‘dose’ for a month.

If you’re interested in trying this device out for yourself the Valkee NPT 1000 can be bought from the Valkee shop online and is available in either black or white. It will set you back a rather substantial sum of $290 (£185), but remember you can’t put a price on happiness.

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