iPhone 5 was Real?


iPhone 5It may be a pretty cool phone, but let’s be honest, we were all a little bit disappointed when Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S. We’d all been expecting a shiny new iPhone 5 and an update to the iPhone 4, even one that included a new A5 processor, iOS5, a better camera and Siri, just couldn’t fill us with the same enthusiasm.

According to Apple, they’d never intended to unveil a new iPhone 5, but rumour has it, that’s not quite true.

According to an industry source, the iPhone 5 did exist and was a complete redesign that was ready to go, but at the last minute, just three months before its October unveiling it was scrapped and instead replaced with the iPhone 4S.

Now before the launch of the newest phone, we’d heard all sorts of rumours about wider edged displays, curved backs and more touch sensitive controls and apparently these rumours were true.

So why the change all of a sudden? Were Apple not confident that it could deliver everything they wanted it to? Were the initial iPhone 4 problems still fresh in their minds?

Regardless of these suspicions, it seems more probable that Apple just let us think number 5 was on its way, knowing we’d end up buying the iPhone 4S as a consolation prize.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that a new iPhone 5 and a new iPad 3 are on the horizon. Steve Jobs left behind year’s worth of ideas; we’ll just have to wait patiently for them to come to fruition.

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