Nokia GEM Concept Phone


Nokia GEM Concept PhoneNokia seems determined to regain its leadership position, judging by its recent actions. Soon after it launched the Lumia 800, which it described as the first true Windows phone, it talked about a phone that can be physically twisted.Nokia is now talking about the Gem, a futuristic device that might just be what phones of the future look and feel like.

The Gem concept phone concept has touchscreens for every visible surface, and there is reported to be no plastic or metal outside. Imagine taking a picture and wrapping that picture around the mobile.With the Gem, that may well be a possibility, as it can change its appearance based on what function the user selects.

With so many touchscreens, you can use them as you wish. Use one to check mail, and use the other surface of the phone to display a map of where you are headed.

And if you’re a passenger in a taxi, play your favourite games as you wait to reach your destination. The Gem could also potentially show 3D images.

If you’re the marketing types, you may be forgiven for salivating at the prospect of delivering a stream of advertisements on one screen of the Gem. Not that Nokia is planning to do that, but it’s certainly a possibility.

The Gem is almost a commemoration of 25 successful years of Nokia’s research centre in Finland. They decided to call it the gem because it has many facets, just as a precious stone does. Also, at this stage, it is a little rough around the edges and needs polishing.Nokia GEM Concept Phone Side View

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