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OVO-4 Home Flight SimulatorFor those of you with the unfulfilled desire of becoming a pilot, you can stay grounded and yet fly high with the OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator. Errrr….. you do need $60,000 (£36,000) though, for that’s what this baby is priced at.

The OVO-4 is a fully enclosed motion flight simulator designed for use at home. It has a lighting system that regulates light intensity inside the “cockpit” to give you a sense of flying by day or night.

The in-built vibration system simulates turbulence in air and engine vibrations. Its “full movement” capability allows you to experience twisting, pitching, yawing as well as acceleration and braking.

The OVO-4’s cockpit is equipped with adjustable pedals, controls and instruments that give you a feeling of the real thing. The OVO-4 has three 24” TFT panoramic monitors as the “windows” through which you, as pilot, survey the tarmac, runway or the skies.

The OVO-4 comes with Microsoft Flight Simulator X software, so there’s no need for anything more. Select your preferred weather conditions and city, and away you go.

Most modern jets cruise at an average altitude of 36K feet, but the 36K figure you read at the top of this article is the price in British Pounds. The price includes delivery, installation and on-site training.

You also get a separate unit known as “the freezer” in which you can store the PC and other hardware needed to run the OVO-4. Money apart, make sure you have enough space at home, as the simulator measures 3.2m in length, 3.6 m in width and 2.2m in height.

There’s a 10 week lead time, so if you’re thinking of a Christmas gift, order right away.OVO-4 Home Flight SimulatorObservation Unit for OVO-4 Home Flight SimulatorHome Flight Simulator Door Open

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