Click and Grow Electronic Flower Bed


Click and Grow FlowersTo be successful at anything, desire must be backed by hard work and diligence. If the desire has to do with potted plants at home, then the hard work includes making sure that the pots are watered regularly and kept where they get enough sunlight. Depending on what plants you grow, you may need to periodically spray the foliage with insecticides and add fertilisers.

If you’ve given up on having potted plants in your home because you’re too busy to spend the time required to do the above, the Click and Grow electronic flowerpot may be just what the gardener ordered.

This electronic flowerpot has sensors that monitor the plant’s progress. Based on the plant’s health, water and fertiliser are dispensed automatically. These pots use a combination of hydro- and aeroponics, so there’s no need to worry about soil.

If you’ve kept the Click and Grow electronic flowerpot where there’s enough light, all you do need to do is replenish the water every couple of weeks; the flowerpot does the rest.

As winter approaches and you turn on the heating at home, check the water level more often, as the water will evaporate faster.

The sensors and other electronics inside the flowerpot need electrical power, so you also need to make sure that the four AA batteries that power the flowerpot are checked once every month and replaced when required.

One down-side is that currently, there is only a limited choice of plants- Busy Lizzy, basil, chilli pepper, tomato and painted nettle.  Each Click and Grow pot is priced at €59, while each “plant cartridge” costs €8.Click and Grow PeppersClick and GrowClick and Grow

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