Samsung UE40D6530 3D LED TV


Samsung UE40D6530 3D LED TVThe UE40D6530 is Samsung’s 40” 3D-capable LED-based LCD HDTV (wow, how’s that for a string of acronyms!). It’s stylish and sleek and high on features and considering that it’s middle-of-the-range for Samsung’s HDTVs, certainly seems very promising.  It is priced around $1000 (£800)

This model is a stunner in black and grey. With a thickness of less than 30 mm, it is slim. Like most “smart televisions”, this one too is integrated with the web and offers multiple connectivity formats.

Apart from 4 HDMI inputs, it offers Wi-Fi, a PC input, 3 USBs, Ethernet LAN, digital audio optical output and SCART and component connectivity via supplied adaptors.

This TV is thus a “hub” that can connect several devices and provides access to the web. A large number of apps is available for download, and Samsung continues to add more apps by the day. Using personal folders, members of a family can customise the genres of apps they want.

Streaming services include YouTube, BBC iPlayer, DailyMotion etc. Samsung also provides trailers and full-length 3D movies from the IMAX collection. If there’s a specific movie you’re looking for, enter the title to get the TV to search for the movie in video-on-demand format.

Given its high motion resolution, and the fact that the proprietary Motion Plus picture processing retains a full 1080 lines of clarity, the Samsung UE40D6530 is particularly suitable for those who love watching sports.

Watching 3D requires Active Shutter 3D eyewear. The 3D glasses don’t come with the TV set itself, so add that to the budget. 2D to 3D conversion is possible, with reasonably good fidelity, although one is not convinced of the need to watch everything in 3D.

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