Philips Xelsis Digital ID Coffee Machine


Philips Xelsis Digital IDIf you are the kind of person who is fastidious about your coffee in terms of it being oh-just-so, you may want to read on to find out how Philips can help you.

Philips’ Saeco Xelsis Digital ID coffee machine is designed to make coffee, of course. But at a price tag of £1700, it must offer something more; indeed, it does. It offers nine different types of speciality coffee.

A milk function is integrated, which allows milk from a carafe to froth and pour directly into the cup, which means you can actually get consistently good lattes.

Fingerprint identification technology allows up to six different users to programme their preferences into the machine. Even the amount of froth in the milk can be controlled.

This smart coffee maker has a pre-brewing system that is designed to moisturise the coffee beans before the brewing. This process helps in extracting flavour and aroma. A built in pump precisely controls the pressure at which steam and milk are forced out of the nozzles, so that your brew is perfect every single time.

All you need to do is go and put your finger on the biometric sensor, and the Xelsis will make you a cup of coffee just the way you want- cappuccinos, café au lait and even espressos.

The milk operations are separate from other circuits so the milk carafe can be removed and cleaned easily. The Saeco Xelsis is also programmed to automatically run cleaning and descaling cycles at periodic intervals, which makes it relatively easy to maintain.

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