Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek


Doctor Who Ride-in DalekIf you watch “Dr Who”, the popular science fiction show on BBC Television, you probably know what a Dalek is. If your children have watched it too, they’ve probably been asking you to get them a Dalek.

If you haven’t watched the show, and are puzzling over what a “Dalek” is, here’s a quick update to bring you up to speed. A Dalek is a fictional, extra-terrestrial race of mutants. They are cyborgs from another planet and look like a large, robotic salt shaker.

The toy Dalek that is now available is designed to be used as a ride-in vehicle for kids. Made from a mixture of ballistic nylon and laminated rubberised polyvinyl, the toy is soft but also structurally stable and tear resistant. The body needs to be inflated and attached to the motorised base before it can be used.

The Dalek ride-in comes with a steering wheel that allows 360 degree motion. Flashing lights give the child a feeling of actually being a Dalek and moving around like one. It is surrounded by a soft bumper to prevent accidental damage to things at home.

Powered by a motor that runs on a 6 Volt battery, the toy Dalek can move at a maximum speed of 3 Kmph. This is slow enough to be safe for 3-6 year olds, while giving them a sense of speed and thrill.

It can carry a maximum weight of 30 Kgs. If you’re up to spending around £200, you can get your youngster a Dalek for Christmas. It’s imported from the UK so if you live elsewhere, make sure you get the right power cord and adapter.

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