Panasonic Toughpad A1 & Toughpad B1


Panasonic Toughpad A1Panasonic is joining the tablet market, but not in the way you’d expect them too. The Panasonic Toughpad A1 is exactly what its name suggests – tough.

The Toughpad is designed to withstand the most extreme of outdoor conditions. With the Toughpad, you don’t have to worry if it’s exposed to a bit of moisture or if you need to use it in extreme temperatures – it really can cope. Its 10.1-inch screen will remain visible even in poor light conditions and the toughened outer shell means that dropping it isn’t the end of the world.

The spec itself is pretty decent too. It runs the rather nippy Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS, has a 1.2 GHz Marvell dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and comes with a healthy 16GB of storage.

Its probably best suited to those who work in construction, military or any industry that sees you exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, but would also be perfect for those with a love for camping, rock climbing and the great outdoors.

The Panasonic Toughpad A1 is set for release in Spring 2012, and it looks like durability won’t come cheap. The Toughpad will retail at around $1299 (£1000), making it one of the most expensive tablets on the market.

The Toughpad A1 is set to be joined by a smaller 7-inch screened Touchpad B2 tablet. There’s no word yet about the release date or price for the Touchpad B2, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be that much cheaper than its larger counterpart.

Panasonic Toughpad A1 Side ViewPanasonic Toughpad A1 BackPanasonic Toughpad B1Panasonic Toughpad B1 Side View

Panasonic Toughpad B1 Back

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