Flip MinoHD Digital Video Camera


Flip Mino HD Digital CameraFlip camcorders have taught us something in recent years – simplicity rules! If you’ve got some filming to do, you don’t want to waste your time setting up shots, you want to point, shoot and edit later – which Flip camcorders let you do with some added help from their built-in software.

They are quite simply an amateur filmmaker’s dream – a dream that’s suddenly become a lot better, because they’ve gone HD!

Flip’s new MinoHD comes with either 4GB of memory for an hour’s worth of filming or 8GB for an extended 2 hours. The battery can go for one and a half hours off a full charge and you can easily replenish the battery by plugging it into your computer via USB.

It also features a two-inch LCD screen and a built in speaker that allows you to look over and listen to the footage you’ve captured. As its name suggests it still has the great “flip” out USB feature which means you don’t have to worry about finding a cable or removing anything from the device to edit your movies.

It has TV Out capabilities too, so you can connect it up to your big screen at home and share your efforts with your friends and family.

The price at release for these excellent little video cams was an extremely reasonable £129.99 for the 4GB model and £149.99 for the 8GB model.

Since then prices have dropped quite significantly and you could easily snag yourself a bargain, when buying yourself one of these today.

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