Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Samsung Galaxy NexusThe Samsung Galaxy Nexus has arrived and it’s got Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich OS on board. The Nexus has the privilege of being the first smart-phone to run Google’s brand new Android 4.0, which has been designed for both phones and tablets and incorporates the best bits of Google’s previous Honeycomb and Gingerbread OS’s.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus certainly sounds impressive on paper and aside from its new OS, it features another first – a true 1280x720p resolution screen, which produces the crispest of images on its lovely little 4.65-inch display.

With Apple’s new iPhone 4S providing its users with an 8MP camera, it’s a bit disappointing to find that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus only offers a 5MP camera. However, it should be noted that its superb shutter speed helps to deliver effortlessly beautiful pictures.

One of the more intriguing features of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is Face Unlock. Instead of typing in an easily forgotten PIN number, you use the phone’s front facing camera to recognise your face, ensuring that only you (and maybe your identical twin) can unlock the phone.

It’s an interesting idea, but perhaps somewhat hard to consider this as anything more than an adventurous gimmick. It’s a polished piece of equipment and the ability to see emails, texts, tweets and voicemails in one notifications area really adds to the phone’s usability.

The phone will hit stores on November 17 with the sim free model currently retailing at a hefty $750 (£549).

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