Nook Color Tablet from Barnes & Noble, 7-Inch Touchscreen


Nook Color Tablet from Barnes & NobleThe Barnes and Noble’s new 7-inch Nook Tablet has been announced. The device will come with a 1-GHz TI OMAP4 dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and a generous 16GB of storage space that can be upgraded to 32GB if you feel the need to double up.

With its wireless turned off, a full battery can provide you with up to nine hours of video entertainment or eleven and a half hours of pure reading bliss.

Despite running Android Gingerbread, for some reason, the device doesn’t connect to the Android market. It does however have access to Netflix, Pandora, Nook Kids and Nook Newstand. So there should be plenty of choice available to keep you entertained.

Barnes and Noble are very confident about their new tablet; the company’s CEO William Lynch has described the new product as “hands-down the best media tablet in the 7-inch class”.

He’s also taken a number of swipes against Amazon’s soon to be released Kindle Fire tablet, making points about everything from Amazon’s ad heavy ‘special offers’ programme, to its comparatively small 6GB of storage space.

According to Lynch, Amazon simply cannot compete with their product on any level and particularly highlighted the fact that anyone can pop into a Barnes and Noble store to get advice on the new Nook as a major selling point.

However the Kindle Fire does beat the Nook on price. The Kindle Fire will retail at around £130, whilst the Nook will set you back around £160.

It’s due around November 17 which is around the same time as the Kindle Fire reaches customers.Nook Color Tablet from Barnes & NobleNook Color Tablet from Barnes & Noble GamesNook Color Tablet from Barnes & Noble Videos

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