Canon PowerShot S100


Canon PowerShot S100 Silver FrontThe Canon S100 may be compact, but it definitely doesn’t make any compromises for its size. This high-end camera is packed full of elevated features, including a 12.1-megapixel sensor, a 24-120mm f/2.0-5.9 optically stabilised lens, and an 80-6400 ISO range. It also features a GPS logger which is able to track your location even when the S100 is turned off.

The logger, along with some bundled software, can be used to track your shots to their location, perfect for those on world trips, who need help keeping track of their photos.

The camera is also easy to hold on to thanks to its textured finish, and utilises easy to use standard adjustment controls, with a rotational d-pad and a zoom control front lens ring.

It may be feature heavy and full of fun, but it’s quite obviously never going to match the performance of a DSLR – which is what those who are serious about their photography are more likely to plump for.

So although, its abilities are truly remarkable for a compact camera, its $430 (£429) price tag isn’t and will most likely alienate the people it’s aimed at.

So if you’re off on your holidays, have a pocket full of disposable cash and are looking for something great to take your holiday pics with, go with the Powershot S100.

But if your looking for a camera with a price as compact as its size, keep looking, because you haven’t found it here.Canon PowerShot S100 Silver BackCanon PowerShot S100 Silver SideCanon PowerShot S100 Black Front

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