Di Donato Guitar, an Italian Masterpiece


Di Donato GuitarSometimes, even the most advanced technology can’t quite replicate the art produced by the human hand. The hand-crafted Di Donato guitar is made of a combination of materials that are well-known for their tonal properties.

The frame of the guitar is made of cast aluminium alloy. The metal body is contoured like the soundboard of a violin. Its precise thickness helps enhance specific frequencies.

The wooden elements that are fitted onto the frame are also hand-crafted from tonewoods such as mahogany, maple or alder. The choice of materials imbues the guitar with a look that is at once modern and classical and helps this guitar produce some amazingly resonant sounds.

The 25-inch scale neck is made from kaya mahogany, maple or cedar. It is topped by a fingerboard made of rosewood or maple. Ebony dots face upwards and leave the fingerboard blank. The frets have been polished by hand.

The use of ABM headless bridge tuners by designer Edoard DiDonato means that the neck of the guitar ends in a small headstock. Not only does this makes the guitar lighter (it weighs only 3 Kg), but it also improves balance.

The pickups are also hand-made and finally tuned by ear. The magnets too are magnetized in the Di Donato workrooms. The knobs to control volume and tone are made of special resin. The electronics are hand-cabled too. Each guitar is supplied with Elixir Nanoweb strings.

Attention to such details results in better control of every component’s sonic response. The Di Donato guitar is available directly from the manufacturer at a price of US$5500.Di Donato Guitar

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