Samsung Galaxy Tablet 8.9-inch Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 reviewSome would say that size does matter. Perhaps that’s why they would prefer 8.9” to 7”. What?! Of course I am referring to tablets, and more specifically, to Samsung’s 8.9” screen Galaxy Tab; what else did you think I was writing about? Oh you dirty minds!

Powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the 8.9” Galaxy Tab runs Android’s Honeycomb 3.1 operating system, atop which lies Samsung’s TouchWiz skin to provide a really cool user interface. The 1280×800 panel, combined with 169 ppi pixel density, renders text and graphics very clearly. It has a default landscape orientation, unlike the iPad.

The build quality is good even though the casing is made of brushed plastic and not metal. You never know when you may need to use your Tablet for video chats, which is why Samsung has equipped this tablet with a 2 megapixel web camera on the front as well as a 3 megapixel camera with LED flash at the rear.

You can also use this camera to capture 720 pixel video. Be warned, though, that audio appears to be rather weak. The power switch and volume rocker are located on the top edge towards the left.

The 8.9” Samsung Tablet weighs less than 450 grams, which makes it light enough to carry and for one-handed operation, should that become necessary. However, it does not have real USB or HDMI ports.

That limits the opportunity to shift files from a laptop or desktop to the tablet, or to connect the tablet to a big screen TV. The biggest downside, though, is the £400 price tag.Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Side

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