Am I Healthy? Try the Jawbone UP Bracelet


Jawbone UP Health TrackerWith smartphones becoming such a key part of our lives, it’s scarcely surprising that there is now an app that plays our conscience-keeper in matters of our health and fitness. The Jawbone UP comprises a wristband and an app on your iPhone or iPod touch (the device must run iOS 4.1 or higher). The wristband senses one’s motion as well as inactivity.

Admittedly, you can use a pedometer to keep track of how many steps you walked and how many calories that burnt. But what if you decide to swim two days a week instead of jogging or walking? The Jawbone UP bracelet is waterproof for up to one foot, so lap swimming should be fine. And if you decide to go canoeing, its GPS capability can assess how far you canoed.

To track your meal, you need to take pictures of your meal and key in what it is. After a couple of hours, it asks you how you feel. You can choose from “energized”, “OK”, “stuffed”, “sleepy” or “hungry”. Over a period of time, you can determine what kind of food works best for you and make necessary changes to your dietary routine.

The Jawbone UP integrates with social media so you can participate in challenges with your friends and others. This also helps you stick to the discipline required and keeps you motivated.

Priced at $100, this device is available in small, medium and large sizes (depending on your wrist size) and a choice of seven colours. Although a good start, the app needs refining, something that future versions will surely deliver.Jawbone UP Health Tracker

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