Radiator Booster Mk3, Increase Efficiency

| November 8, 2011 | Comments

Often, the best ideas are the simplest ones that leave us wondering why nobody else thought of them earlier. Firebox’s Radiator Booster Mk3 is another sterling example of this. As its name suggests, it is something that boosts radiators. That description may not be enough, so let me explain further.

The simple idea behind the Radiator Booster is to capture the heat that typically tends to get lost from behind radiator grilles in our homes, and circulate that “captured” heat around the room. Apart from ensuring that more of the money you spend on your heating bills does in fact go to heating your home, this clever gadget also helps reduce your carbon footprint.

The less heat that’s lost, the less heating oil or electricity you will need, which means less of it will need to be produced or generated.

For it to do its noble job, simply place the Radiator Booster on top of your radiator and plug it in. It comes on only when the radiator reaches 30 degrees Celsius. Yes, the device does consume electric power, but at 1.25 Watts when active and 0.15 Watts when on stand-by, power consumption is not much.

Especially when you consider that it increases heating efficiency by 50%, which means that your boiler can shut down a good 1 to 3 degrees Celsius lower than it would have without the Radiator Booster.

The lightweight device is made of recyclable ABS plastic and weighs only about 240 grams. It is priced at £24.99 and according to the manufacturer, can save you £140 per year. How’s that for ROI (return on investment)?