Heated Travel Mug, the Hot Rod


Hot Rod Heated Travel MugA wise t-shirt once asked the rhetorical question “Is there life before coffee”? Now, coffee may not be your favourite; but I’m sure you’d agree that a nice, hot cup of coffee, tea or your favourite beverage is essential to start one’s day well.

I’m also sure that on many days, lack of time comes in the way of having a satisfying beverage in the morning. The effects of being denied one’s stimulant show up at work, and unfortunately, get noticed by one’s boss.

So here’s some good news for those of you who are looking for a solution that’s more elegant than carrying a thermos to work. That solution is the Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug. Simply pour your coffee or tea into it and carry it into your car.

Once inside, connect it to the cigarette lighter charger and turn on the on/off toggle switch, and voila! The 12 volt current heats the coil around the body of the mug, keeping the contents warm.

Once you reach your office, simply unplug it and it becomes a convenient, thermally-insulated, spill-proof container in which to carry your beverage around. It has a nice, chrome and glossy candy-shell exterior that is available in apple-red or midnight-black.

The Travel Mug also has a power indicator lamp and an analogue temperature gauge that tells you how hot the contents are. It has a non-skid rubberised base and an insulated handle so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

The Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug is priced at around $25. The only down-side for someone like me is that its capacity is 8 oz and that’s only half of what I need to get going!

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