Apple to Release 15-inch MacBook Air?


Apple 15-inch MacBook AirAccording to reports, a new, larger MacBook Air is to be released. The reports suggested in July that the prototype was in its final testing stages with its LCD screens completed, and it looks like the new version will have similar attributes to the MacBook Pro.

According to a Japanese blog, the new MacBook Air will have a 15-inch LCD screen; much bigger when compared to the current 11 and 15-inch screens that MacBook already manufactures. Rumours suggest that this new design may indeed be a Pro without its optical hard drive, giving it the dimensions of an Air.

It is, however, still unclear. There were also reports in July of a new 17-inch slim line model of Pro coming into the market. Some features of this might be the Intel Sandy Bridge chip and Thunderbolt port. In addition, CD drives seem to be on their way out therefore it is likely not to have this feature keeping it slim with extra mobility.

In addition, an Ethernet port is not likely to be included as the latest version does not have this feature. Wireless connections are more prominent nowadays and this would just take up space making it larger.

Recent MacBook developments include the MacBook Pro updates which gave it faster processors. There were no announcements about this as it was a minor update, and there was no announcement of a new MacBook range. Therefore it is likely to be next year that this new slim line 15-inch version will be available to buy.

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