Yamaha PDX-11 iPhone Dock, One Tough Speaker


Yamaha PDX 11 iPhone Dock

With the long list of iPod or iPhone docks out there to choose from, why choose this one? Well, the Yamaha PDX-11 iPhone (or iPod) dock is designed to be a portable device instead of one that is used mostly in the home. You can take it on holiday or take it to a party with its solid chrome handle making it easy to carry around.

Probably best not to play it loudly on public transport though! There’s no need to worry that it will play back your music with that hard on the ears, tinny sound either as the speaker is designed with separate 4-inch cone woofer and tweeter covered protectively by a steel grill. Its octagonal shape and smart design make it a nice accessory to carry around too.

It’s available in a range of colours also. The docking station is situated at the top of the device and it can take an iPod or iPhone. The PDX-11 iPhone dock is able to connect to a PC, Mac or any audio device. It can be battery powered making it convenient on the move, provided you have a six pack of batteries on you! Batteries power it for eight hours.

Alternatively, it can be powered by an AC adapter for a longer playback time. Choose your favourite colour and start playing your favourite tunes on the PDX-11 Portable Dock for iPods or iPhones. It is available to buy virtually anywhere at a reasonable price of $99.95 / £62.50

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