Levitating Lamp from Light-Light


Floating LampGadget geeks look out for this futuristic-style Light-Light levitating lamp. Why would you want one of these you ask? Why wouldn’t anyone want a floating lamp in their living room or bedroom to entertain guests; especially those of the opposite sex, it’s the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette pad essential!

Jokes aside, this piece of technology uses sophisticated electromagnets to split the top and bottom halves of the lamp and make the shade portion essentially hover above the stand.

There are controls which allow you to steady the hovering portion and to prevent it from spinning off and hitting your other good lamps! Give the shade a spin to show that it really is hovering in mid air!

There are also various levitation modules which allows for smaller weights to be held higher. The lamp also gives off a glowing light and employs LED technology to enable you to adjust the brightness according to what type of atmosphere you’re looking for.

This lamp, developed by Crealev, has a sophisticated style which makes for a nice addition to any household. It doesn’t come cheap however, and goes for €980. There’s also a chance that there will be a power cut and your lamp will be broken into various pieces instead of two! Despite this, it is worth it if you’re an avid technology fan or collector.

There’s always the chance that we’ll all have floating lamps in our living rooms in the future making you the proud owner of a vintage floating lamp!

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