02 Pursuit Motorcycle Runs on Compressed Air


02 Pursuit MotorcycleEnvironmentally friendly people look out for this new innovative vehicle which runs completely on air! Ok, so it still requires energy to power the air compression system but it is the first step towards an environmentally friendly future on the road. The Industrial Student Dean Benstead designed the bike looking to this future.

The design of the motorcycle was the focus of this project therefore its speed is not as fast as it could be. It still hits an excess of 62 mph however, which is the equivalent of 100 km/h. Its design is based on a current-spec 250cc motorcross bike and an Engineair’s DiPietro air engine is the bike’s power source. The rest of its design is taken from a WR250F motorcycle.

There are plans to make the vehicle more efficient and faster in the future as this is a prototype. The manufacturing process involved extensive research and the development of computer generated concepts before building began. Rinlatech Engineering was the company behind the final model.

There are plans to redesign the bike to make it more accessible. Benstead states that trying different metals such as titanium or aluminium, as opposed to the current steel model, may reduce the weight considerably, making it a faster bike and with a weight near to that of a standard cycle bike.

He plans to make the bike marketable to the public in the future which may see the beginnings of a new breed of environmentally friendly transport. See the O2 Pursuit on Friday 25th November at the Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Show, Australia.

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