Nintendo Wii U Late 2012


Nintendo Wii U late 2012For those of you hoping to get your hands on Nintendo’s latest HD gaming creation, the Wii U, at the start of the next year, I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a little bit longer than expected. Although you won’t be able to treat yourselves to one in the January sales, it should be out in time for Santa to pop one under next year’s tree.

Saturo Iwata, Nintendo’s president, has recently announced that the final version of the Wii U will be unveiled at the 2012 E3 conference in Los Angeles. It’s extremely unlikely that Nintendo will ship their new product directly from June’s event, so an end of year release seems like the most probable outcome.

You can thank the underwhelming sales of last year’s Nintendo 3DS with the unfortunate delay. Iwata has recently confessed that Nintendo had learned a “bitter lesson” following the launch of the 3DS and has promised to take “every possible measure” to ensure that the Wii U launch will be a successful one.

Nintendo has already announced an interesting mix of software that’ll be available at the time of launch, but with another twelve months to go until then, there better be an impressive final selection of software on the shelves and in the virtual console catalogue.

Christmas 2011 may only be a few weeks away, but what’s stopping you from getting an early start on your 2012 list? That’s right, nothing, so make a note of the ‘Wii U’ at the top of your list now!

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