Briefcase Rotisserie Grill


Briefcase RotisserieWhen you cook, do you mean business? If you do, check out the Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill. It’s the ultimate accessory for all you business types.

We all know the situation; it’s lunchtime, you’re stuck in the office and your craving some chargrilled meat. Usually you’d just settle for a soggy sandwich and a bag of crisps, but with the Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill, there’s no need for compromise.

The briefcase rotisserie grill can rotate up to seven meat or vegetable skewers over a charcoal fire that you light at the bottom of the unit’s heat-resistant charcoal tray.

The inside of the briefcase lid houses the seven skewers slots, and the motor inside the lid automatically rotates the skewers, leaving your hands free to make business calls and generally get on with your life.

When you’ve finished using it, you simply close the lid and get back to business. The Carson rotisserie grill is fully portable thanks to its rechargeable 12-volt battery, but if you find yourself with a flat battery there’s an AC adapter included in the package to ensure that the fun never has to stop.

Unfortunately portable cooking nirvana doesn’t come cheap. This premiere grill is going to set you back £450, but honestly can you put a price on such luxury convenience? Gentlemen, if you’re still not convinced, consider this: women love two kinds of men; those who can cook and those who look good in a suit. With this briefcase rotisserie you can be the full package!

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