Soul Calibur V FightStick from Mad Catz


Mad Catz Soul Calibur V FightStickSharpen your claws, raise the heckles and get lapping this one up Mad Catz fans as this well known and lengthily operating gaming manufacturing outfit is just about to release their rather gothic looking Soul Calibur V FightStick. Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 lovers are bound to welcome this lovely gadget with open playing arms, with a more than willing look to add this to their potential gaming arsenal.

The Soul Calibur V FightStick has been launched to function as a Tournament Edition gaming control device with fighting in mind (not the local cats you’ll be glad to hear) and will be partnered with the forthcoming Soul Calibur V video gaming experience.

Mad Catz are one of the market leaders for creating, producing and extending many different types of video gaming products and those who have previously bought their offerings will be looking forward to the latest release of the Soul Calibur V FightStick, that we can be sure of.

The company, as well as using their Mad Catz branding also have the ‘Saitek’ (simulation), ‘Eclipse’ (office and home), ‘TRITTON’ (game audio) and rather Doctor Who sounding ‘Cyborg’ (professional gaming) labels.

The Mad Catz folks are pretty excited about their newest piece as it hits the market. They feel the already successful FightStick products they create will really benefit from the now associated and licensed franchise of the ‘SoulCalibur’ branding.

Don’t get sharpening your claws too soon though as paws will just have to wait to get a pricing announcement and as of yet the Mad Catz chaps have tightly sealed mouths!

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