Microsoft Glimpse into the Future of Technology


Microsoft Future Technology VideoThose earliest pioneers who enjoyed using the young incarnations of the Windows 3 operating system might not have seen or even predicted this new dawn of technology that will soon be available to the world. Indeed, much of the technology and abilities we’re now presented with wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of William Shatner’s original Star Trek series.

Microsoft has published their promotion grabbing video presentation which very much outlines a potential future that far outstrips the imagination of the Star Trek authors.

They proudly show an expensive future world full of touchscreen interconnections and hosts of gizmos controlled via gesture and movements which will be built into normal everyday objects.

The time travelling video from Microsoft shows lots of mouth watering ideas that will hopefully soon be within the accessibility of the wider public audiences who will crave their additions. Such products on offer will be from interactive fridges that ‘talk’ to food inside, to grass covered walls and car windows that feature a time display.

One does wonder though just how much data, programming time and expertise will be required to make such extraordinary devices – be sure to get saving now as such marvels won’t be cheap!

Microsoft have confidently announced that their video only depicts concepts and possibilities from already existing technology that they possess within their company circle and it gives viewers a tasty future glance at what could be on offer in around a decade. Beam me up Scotty, as we seem to be heading towards a high-tech orientated future society, whether we like it or not!

You can find out more on the Official Microsoft Blog

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