Samsung MV800 Review


Samsung MV800 ReviewThe new Samsung MV800 is surely going to get snap happy taste buds flowing as this nifty little lady could be just the device you’re seeking. Photo addicts look away now as this gadget won’t help your cause. It comes boasting a sizeable 16.1 MPX camera that’s housed in a cleverly tucked away LCD touchscreen that flips in and out on demand.

For movie directors in training, the Samsung MV800 also has a complete HD video capturing capability (no sound though) and comes bundled with heaps of pleasing software to use with your media.

Priced at around $280 you’ll also get a 26mm lens of wide-angle design and optical zooming levels of 5x, all wrapped up nicely in the slim and pleasing design that is most definitely not mind-boggling to operate.

With more spells on offer than Harry Potter’s teachers, the Samsung has many to please most situations called for. The Magic Frame option will enable new or existing photos to be laid on top of each other and give a frame shaped in a square, heart or circle for instance – just perfect for kids and adults alike.

This nifty application also enables two photos to be merged together, so where you might fancy replacing a headshot with a celebrity image this will indulge your fantasy!

Funny Face technology will warp face images in any which way but loose and the pose guide instructs the user to manipulate themselves or their subjects to mimic the suggested posing on offer.

A built in photo editor and Storyboard feature allows the gizmo to use selected pictures from the library section and bring them together in a fresh and vibrant manner, adding borders on demand.

When the pics are ready to be developed, there is no need to involve any third party computer system as this gadget can connect and print from any available printer that handles photos.

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