Nokia Kinetic Bendy Concept Phone


Nokia Kinetic Concept PhoneThis concept might leave you feeling decidedly warped that’s for sure as Nokia’s brand new creation, the Kinetic Concept Phone is quite an invention. This mind bending gadget has been created by malleable designers in a bid to make it as twisty-turny as possible. Yes, that’s right, it will bend and live through any twisting or manipulation you can give it.

The bending and twist like movements that can be used with the Nokia Kinetic will enable the phone to respond appropriately; by applying pressure to bend the gadget upwards will enable this gizmo to move in closer on pics or react admirably as an alternative inputting method. Reversing the same bendy moves in a rear direction will cause the Kinetic to scroll through the available menus or perform zooming out functions. The first audience to see the phone in action were present at the Nokia World 2011 event where the gadget was demonstrated by simply using two hands to trigger the desired responses.

Who hasn’t been unable to tap their touchscreen because of a cold day which has left the fingers numb? This gizmo will neatly solve the problem as owners can keep their mitts warm and housed in gloves and still operate the Kinetic capably.

The latest concept idea comes hot on the heels of Nokia’s previous Morph proposal. This represents a gadget in tablet form which would be built in a translucent design, also boasting the ability to flex like the Indian Rubber Man, wrapping itself around the wrist to be transformed into a watch. As Nokia battles to stay ahead of the game in front of giants like Apple, they need all the flexibility they can get in order to keep their heads above water.

More information on Nokia’s site Here and check out the video below:

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