Levetron Mech4 Modular Gaming Keyboard


Levetron Mech4 Modular Gaming KeyboardLike many people, if you are like the millions who have spilt all kinds of beverage over the keyboard in a tired frenzy where juice, coffee or hot tea has gone flying, then the Levetron Mech4 Modular Gaming Keyboard could be just what you seek!

Gamers who are addicted to playing lengthy sessions of their desired gaming poison often keep a handy caffeinated brew nearby to enable them to stay razor sharp in their responses. This new gadget has been built with a design that prevents annoying spills, just in case the mug is knocked over.

Definitely one for saving embarrassment and annoyance then as attempts to delicately dry a tipped-up and soggy keyboard which leaks from every crevice is often not successful! The need for durability is definitely evident here as some games can require many hours of use. The Mech4 performs with an inspiring 50 million keystroke lifespan before it declares game over.

The Mech4 Keyboard has also been built with quality in mind too and the integrated mechanically operating systems that have been used give this gizmo a satisfying usability factor and audible ‘click’ pleasure. The clever design of modular capability will allow owners to customise their number pad sections, remove a six key set macro board and it also suits right or left handed users alike.

Functions and key macros can be totally customised to personal preferences and a double function switch sits adjacent to the ‘escape’ key.

Be prepared to pay a little more than an average keyboard though as this war like effort is priced up at around $110 and certainly gives a lot of fire power for your cash. It will even illuminate your day with integrated LED lighting around the left macros and twiddlers can have fun with the supplied volume controllers.

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