Inflatable Sledges, Snow Boogie


Snow Boogie Inflatable SledgesThese things look rather like inflatable dinghies at first glance and we wonder how they’d survive the rapids, but if it’s a slick movement you’re after in snowy climates, these clever gadgets will definitely provide a fun method of transportation.

Childhoods wouldn’t be complete without spending many pleasurable and happy hours of trudging up and down hills to whiz from the peaks of the snow to the grounds below and as many kids and adults will attest, it’s definitely a lot of fun, even if you do get a red raw face!

Unless sledge fanatics are fortunate enough to live in areas where snow and icy conditions are prevalent, sadly the indulgence of slippery sledging is often not as regular as hoped. In haste to find tucked away sledges in garages or sheds, dismay can often ensue as they’ve either rusted or become damaged.

The Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledges can be deflated and stored away safely when not in use, are definite space savers and offer a comfortable and easier ride down the snow covered slopes in style and hopefully more grace.

We’re willing to bet too, they’ll also accommodate more than one passenger, so group sledging could definitely be on the up here. Priced at an amount that won’t break most budgets too, however thrifty, the Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledges slide in at just £14.99.

At just under fifteen quid, owners get a 1.12 metre sized tubular snow-mobile which is definitely going to knock the socks off admiring bystanders.

They’re made from a weather resisting PVC vinyl which is tough and won’t deteriorate in cold weather and available designs come in the shape of a penguin or polar bear!

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