Iris 9000 Voice Control Module for Siri


Iris 9000 Voice Control Module for SiriAlthough the iPhone 4S did not come with as many features as was widely expected, Siri, the voice-controlled assistant, is definitely a major hit with users of the iPhone 4S. Siri allows you to speak out commands to your iPhone 4S instead of having to use the touchscreen. Your voice is its command, quite literally.

ThinkGeek has now brought out the Iris 9000 Voice Control Module, which may well be one of the first accessories targeted at Siri. It consists of a dock or cradle for the iPhone 4S with a built-in speaker and a micro remote. Once your phone is placed inside the Iris cradle, you can issue voice-based commands from up to 50 feet away.

All you need to do is press a single button on the remote. The speaker in the cradle allows you to hear the phone’s response. Through its flickering, a red-eye signals to you that the command has been heard and that the phone is responding.

If you don’t see the utility of the Iris 9000 voice control module, consider the convenience of being able to answer the phone, route the audio to the speaker and engage in a conversation even when you are not right next to the iPhone.

If you’ve already bought your loved one an iPhone 4S for his or her birthday, maybe you can get them the Iris 9000 for Christmas. It is priced at around $60, but do remember that it may not be readily available right now because it’s out of stock.

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