Heated Insoles, Rechargeable and Cordless


Rechargeable Cordless Heated InsolesNot all of us can afford to stay at home all day when the temperature dips to freezing point and lower. In spite of woollen socks, the cold has a nasty way of getting to our feet.

That’s why, during winter, we all tend to develop cold feet- more literally than figuratively, I hasten to add. If you can spare about $100, though, you may find that the Rechargeable Cordless Heated Insoles may keep your feet toasty and warm.

As the name of this product suggests, it’s an insole that you slip into your shoes. The insoles are made of ergonomic polyurethane topped with a layer of heat-retaining synthetic fabric. Polyurethane is often used to make soles for shoes because it is pliable yet tough. It can easily take the shape of your shoes, which make it a snug fit.

The real advantage of this product lies in the fact that it does not need external battery-packs to heat the elements. A series of carbon fibre elements are embedded in the insole. These are heated by wafer-thin lithium ion batteries. These batteries are virtually undetectable, so you don’t have to worry about them poking your soles.

Once charged fully, these insoles can keep your feet warm for up to six hours. There is a thermostat inside the insoles that can be adjusted using a wireless remote that is part of the original pack you purchase.

In fact, depending on how cold your feet are, you can choose a temperature setting between 88 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

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