Digital Mirror, Feed Your Reflection


Cybertecture Magical MirrorWith each passing day, our lives are getting taken over more and more by digital information feeds. James Law’s Cybertecture Mirror is amongst the latest to reinforce this trend. As the name states, it is a mirror.

But it’s also an internet-connected LED TV and a gateway to social media platforms. So even as you’re applying make-up or perhaps adjusting your tie, you can keep your eye on weather updates, catch up with the news or check for messages from your social network.

The Cybertecture Mirror is 32’ LCD display placed behind a 37” fog-resistant mirror. You will need a wired LAN or wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity. So while the mirror shows your reflection, various apps that you can download can stream internet TV and provide you with lots more information.

You can even download apps that act as personal coach as you exercise in front of the mirror. A wireless peripheral sensor helps calculate your body weight, BMI, muscle mass and bone mass.

Users can interact with the device via a free smartphone app or the hand-held remote control that comes with the original purchase. You can even type input using the on-screen virtual keyboard. The device itself has 8GB of internal storage, although an online portal is available for personalization and control. The mirror weighs almost 25 Kg and measures 32”x20’x3.14”.

Audio and video-in ports are available, as also a 3.5mm headphone jack and in-built speakers with 3 Watt RMS output. Each mirror allows up to 20 password-protected profiles. The device is priced at between $3600 and $7700, depending on configuration and number of units ordered.

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