Sportiiiis HUD Glasses from 4iiii Innovations


Sportiiiis HUD Glasses

Fitness is becoming more scientific by the day. There are many devices that runners or cyclists can attach to their bodies and receive information about various parameters such as heart rate, speed and so on.

The drawback with most of these devices is that the athlete has to look at them to get the required information. Sometimes, even that one second can upset the athlete’s rhythm or performance.

Canadian company 4iiii Innovations has launched Sportiiiis (pronounced Sport-Eyes), a Head up Display (HUD) that receives real-time performance data from any paired monitoring device via ANT+ wireless technology, compares this data with desired or target parameters and alerts the user via audio updates or coloured LED lights.

The lights are fixed on a frame that has universal attachment points that make it possible to mount the HUD on virtually all sport sunglasses. This device is expected to be available in November 2011 and is priced at $199.

Red, green and amber LED lights indicate whether the athlete is in the zone or needs to ease up. Unlike other HUD devices, the utility of the Sportiiiis is the fact that the athlete does not need to take his or her eyes off the road. Audio updates are provided if the user taps the side of the frame once. Double tapping cycles through to the various paired devices.

The device needs to be configured initially using a computer or Android/iOS smartphone app to enable it to respond to input from the paired devices. On-device controls are available to adjust the brightness of the LED Lights and the volume of the audio alerts.

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