Sparc MGS Watch from Ventura, Powered by Movement


Ventura Watches Sparc MGSIn the beginning, there were mechanical wrist watches, whose movements needed to be periodically wound. Then came their “automatic” cousins that were based on mechanical movements, but did not need winding. The last three decades have seen the rise and rise of digital watches that progressively incorporated various bells and whistles.

In 2000, Ventura Watches heralded the arrival of a digital automatic watch. It has now launched its Sparc MGS model, which promises a sophisticated blend of the highest traditions of watchmaking with the reliability and multifarious functionality of electronics.

MGS stands for Micro Generator System. Inside the Sparc MGS watch is a digital rotor, which is part of a micro-generator. The kinetic energy produced by the hand movements of the person wearing this watch is converted into electrical energy that then powers the state-of-the-art microprocessor and a 250-segment 12-digit liquid-crystal display.

The watch has two faces, one with the display LED, and the other has the micro-generator system. You can even see the mechanism in action, which adds to the characteristic look of the Ventura.

The watch offers features such as LED backlight, dual time zone indicators, alarms and perpetual calendar. It even comes with a winder- that little knob-like projection that you turn to wind the watch.

What makes the watch unusual, though, is that it runs the EasySkroll v2.0 operating system to control the various sub-systems inside. The Ventura Sparc MGS is not exactly cheap, though. The limited edition black version costs $5000, while the silver version costs $5250.

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