Lazer Stunt Chasers


Lazer Stunt ChasersIf you have a pet dog at home, you’re probably used to seeing it chase your child’s toy cars all around the house. If you don’t have a pet, and therefore feel that you’ve missed this experience, Thinkway Toys may still be able to plug this gap in your portfolio of experiences.

Thinkway Toys’ Lazer Stunt Chaser is a remote-controlled vehicle with a difference. Instead of using a steering wheel, you get to control where the car goes by simply pointing the laser light controller.

The basic set includes one car with a built-in rechargeable battery, a wireless remote control, a stunt ramp and a battery charger. Optional extras are available, should you want to try your skills at getting your car to jump through a ring, zoom around inside a clear funnel or even loop the loops. The range of the laser controller, which is the maximum distance over which you can control the car remotely, is 12 metres.

Don’t worry if the car flips over while trying to negotiate a high-speed chase. It’s two-sided, which means it simply keeps going, without you having to do anything. By pressing an infra-red trigger on the controller, the car goes into turbo mode and gets extra speed. But there’s no free lunch, you see, so turbo mode consumes more power.

Talking of power, the car and controller together need 8 AA batteries. So in addition to the $39.99 you will need to spend to buy the basic set, you will need to budget for batteries too.

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