Kobo Vox, e-Reader with a Social Twist


Kobo Vox Social e-book Reader In a world that is going increasingly digital, and where people prefer to remain connected with friends and others through social media platforms, here comes the Vox from Canadian retailer Kobo.

This gadget, which positions itself as the world’s first social e-book reader device, is aimed at people who not only want to read books in digital formats, but also wish to share with their friends and other book-lovers their views about authors and books. It offers an integrated e-book reader combined with quick access to social feeds like Twitter and FaceBook.

Kobo Vox already has 5 million users worldwide. Its base model allows you to store up to 8000 books; if you expand storage to the maximum, you can store nearly 40,000 books. The Kobo Vox is not just for books. You can also store music, video, games and even access newspapers and magazines.

It has a 7” touch screen and is powered by Android’s Gingerbread mobile operating system. It will be available in four colours- jet black, lime green, hot pink and ice blue.

Imagine going on a holiday where your idea is to generally laze on the beach with a good book or two. What happens if you finish reading one of the books and then find the other one to be rather dull and “put-down-able”? Or worse still, because of delayed flights, you finish reading both books even before you reach your destination?

Having a Kobo Vox type of gadget with you can be such a life-saver, don’t you think? Ah yes, the price. The Kobo Vox is priced at $199 in the US. WH Smith plans to sell it in the UK, although the price is not known yet.

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